Creative inspiration and frustration - quick activities to try

Creative inspiration and frustration - quick activities to try

As an art student I had heard about the famous writers block, but I was in denial that it happened to artists. How wrong I was!

Creative inspiration and ideas came all the time, then when I stopped creating every day the ideas started to dry up. When I started painting I questioned what the end item would be and I would get so focused on this that I would put off starting a canvas.

I'm inspired by the materials I use and so applying different mediums to the canvas and seeing how they respond is always a great starting point.

Here are 5 creative inspiration activities to try when you don't know what to create.

Go for a walk but look at everything like a child
Have you noticed how small children find awe and wonder in the simplest of things? If you are struggling for creative inspiration try and look at things through the eyes of a child.

Capture it in photo form
Take photos of those simple things, look at the interesting textures, lines and shapes, notice how the light is catching it.

Now close your eyes
Draw the object without looking at the page. As your eyes follow the lines of the object let your hand move too, but don't look at the page until you are finished.

Move away
Grab a stick, pole or longer paintbrush and attach a pen to the end with tape. Have a go at drawing your object.

Draw your object on a huge scale, tape a few pages of paper together or use a roll of wallpaper. Then cut your page down into different sections and create a collage.

Draw your object on a tiny scale, draw multiple versions, overlapping, building into a larger version of the object.

The real solution?
Create, create some more and carry on creating. Ideas are born from ideas and creativity feeds off every application of paint, doodle or photo.
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