How writing creatively helped Jen Jackson and how you can start

How writing creatively helped Jen Jackson and how you can start

Never fear writers' block
For if you free your mind
We can see your soul

This is part of a series of blogs by guest hosts exploring how creativity has improved their wellbeing.

I’ve always been a writer; it’s in my blood. My dad writes poetry and his grandad used to perform his work.

But I didn’t always write. I did an English Degree and then an MA in Film and TV Production and my focus was scriptwriting. I found myself working in TV developing scripts and narrative. Then a wake-up call that I needed a more stable job led me into the world of marketing communications. I was in my element writing press releases, ad and web copy.

But it had been so many years since I’d done anything creative. So in 2014 when I was agonising over whether to have a baby (due to having bipolar) I sat down and wrote a poem. ‘Maybe baby’ it took me through all of my emotions and as soon as I’d written it I knew I wanted to be a mum.
So now I have a beautiful daughter thanks to the power of writing. I literally don’t know where I’d be without her. She is now starting school so I have time to devote to my creative writing.

Writing really helps my wellbeing. I’ve always written a diary and it’s so cathartic getting it all out on paper. If you’re angry with someone, my mum used to say write a letter, say what you want to and then throw it away. I struggle with my mental health and I have written a letter to myself to help me in my dark days.

I firmly believe that we are all born creative and slowly we lose confidence and doubt our abilities.
So I challenge you to put pen to paper and give it a go!

Here are my tips to start writing:
  • Write each day and start with free-flowing thoughts, whatever comes to mind, just write.
  • Go back and pick elements from this stream of consciousness that could become poems or narrative.
  • Start to shape these concepts into writing ideas, be it poetry, stories and flash fiction.
  • Pick words that fit together and you’ll have a jigsaw of ideas!
  • Then edit and edit some more
  • If you are feeling brave share it with others for review.

I hope this has inspired you to have a go; there’s no right or wrong! Just write!!! I would be really interested to hear what you have created.
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