Create Your Future Project

Create Your Future Project

I was lucky to run a session as part of the Create Your Future project. The project delivered a series of session for 20 year 9 students looking at the creative industries. The aim was to promote the arts as a viable career path, meeting local practitioners who will inspire the students to develop skills and seek out their own creative pathway. 

I was asked to deliver a session looking at being a fine artist. I was asked to give a short over view of my career and then give the students a practical activity to take part in.

For the practical activity I split it in two. The first session they had to pretend to be the clients, the second session the artists. 

Firstly I gave the student an arts brief like one I would get when applying for an arts commission and asked them to pretend they were the client - I then took them through a consultation exercise I would run with clients. 

They were then split into groups and they had to become the artists. Each group had different "clients" work and their challenge was to come up with a design based on what the clients had asked for from the consultation sessions. 

I delivered one session as part of the project, however the students also had visits from set designers, ceramicists, photographers and many more. 

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